Why Instagram is The Best Social Model

Why Instagram is The Best Social Model

“While social networking is just a broadcast medium, but can give people to create an intimate space and thanksgiving.” This is the US science and technology correspondent Robinson Meyer’s article, he believes that the most scarce social quality, is “quiet”, and Instagram is the only product to do it.

Many times writers who are remembering “once the network.” They blog full of sad. They miss the days before Facebook appeared. They sip sigh of mourning these old things.

I have always admired the power of nostalgia. Let us cherish this power valuable ideas and stuff. But I cherish. Now is the beautiful summer, air volume Yunfu, love leafy branches. That day, I’m grateful to have Instagram.

A few years ago, one of my friends will Instagram and ITKING.ORG referred to as “the best social media,” and is not intended to ridicule. “It is the best.” He said, “is really the best.”

I am perplexed. Instagram is good, many of my friends play it, I feel like I can still see those foods and mountain views. But I always feel that it cannot give me anything, no Instagram above those strong aging, thoughtful and interesting articles, and not even all the pictures are very nice.

Instagram broke the rules and all the popular sites. It disables the hyperlinks, the only usable is the collection of pictures. It also does not allow to download photos, if you want to forward your friends’ photos, only to re-send the screen shot, but once you compress screenshots very sick. (Of course, you can use third-party plug-forwarding) and only allows the tag search image.

This is a stupid unique application. But it is simple enough. It just tells you: There are photos. This is my friend saw a strange bird photos. This is my friend and her brother to celebrate Eid al-Fitr photos. This is an acquaintance over my past life of the city flew photos.

For each picture I can only do two things, and then look at the last slide, or a point of praise. In fact, many times I just look after it slip past. Instagram is a place to see pictures or videos, what else it is not competent, do not need.

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It is almost as simple a little quiet. In 1996, the famous Xerox PC lab, two researchers proposed the concept of “calm technology”.

“Calm technology allows people to easily walk convert the edge and center of attention.” They are so described. As they say, it calm office cubicle shutters can effortlessly unobtrusively keeping people focused attention when communicating. Recently I was listening to an MP3 player, not a smart phone music App, instead of moving the network, it is the most primitive offline playback of MP3 player. This technology is also very quiet. Vintage watches are also calm about technology.

Now social media can play any praise, except in addition to “calm.”

“Now everyone complaining about Internet applications together is described: these applications like ducks kept in the human body pecking my deep that it does..” Witty and insightful writers on the Internet a few years ago said so Clive Thompson ” Internet is now the entire business model is based on advertising, while advertising always try to occupy your every minute. ”

And you cannot fight it. Catherine Schultz ( “Why do we make mistakes,” the author) has been on the Twitter love-hate relationship, she had to use the Internet compared to parasites: “We rely on the host’s nervous system hijacking profit, be able to change the behavior of the host most want to look like a parasite. ”

Instagram is the case, it can change people’s habits. After I finished each send photos, they are unable to control themselves a few minutes back refresh and see there is no one to give me the thumbs up every photo.

But a lot of times I would not go back and brush. Sometimes I can just simply put out of the picture, and then on the matter. This is the other network applications cannot reach the realm. (If you’re like me to turn off all reminders are probably too) this time Instagram is actually from the center of my attention has been moved to the edge of the area.

Five years ago, called Path of the advent of network applications. Its form is probably between Facebook close friend, limiting each person’s friends can only 50. This application has a very good idea, just put your mind wander vaguely been simmering not straighten out the idea to finally do it the same. Finally, it got millions of venture capital.

Path but did not succeed, at least not fire up in the United States. In May, when it was acquired by a South Korean company. Path failure than success it intriguing. In fact it is impossible to succeed. Designer MillsBaker rightly said, a social network dedicated to a close friend is never successful. Social networking is highly pro-gaze because people can use it with as many people to speak, and “Efficiency is always intimate enemies.”

“True intimacy is never to be broadcasted. It is one to one, a transient.” Mills Baker said.

Instagram is also a form of broadcasting, but by its endless stream waterfalls, but to create an intimate atmosphere. Photo Stream is endless, endless possible to produce such a kind of friendly ignored. You can skip only circle of talent joke to skip some poke hurtful FIG. You can taste the chum in the picture hidden meaning, you can also enjoy the beautiful appearance of a stranger in the picture.

Another Instagram success, it is composed of image information. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, text messages, pictures, less formal and more relaxed atmosphere. Image seems clear, in fact, interpret them more diversity, it may be very different teenagers Instagram eyes and my eyes. I worry about things that did not happen on Instagram, it really belongs to me and my friends to the site.

Instagram is the only one I could leave at any time they can come back at any social network. I am grateful to three years is the only social network. Here, my friends say: look at it, you sure like this.

“This world is full of wonders, coming and going, again and again, maybe you’re lucky enough to see in which one or two, and then they disappear, can no longer reproduce your eyes.” Naturalist HelenMcDonald once said, “My mom always on cupboard many family portrait is placed, but there are also many other things photos with a long curved beak starling. one day a thick fog frost landscape. Thriving flowers are bent cherry tree. ”

He also wrote, “miraculous outpouring distant majestic tide of history, people fear, but let us also peace of mind. After all, the world is eternal, just blink Verge of our existence.”

Instagram is where my friends and I appreciate this miraculous world every day. I know it is full of emotion, because here filled with gratitude to the world – or affectation or cynical or sincere, are at least Thanksgiving. It gives me to see my friends who have seen the world. It makes my world has become much wider. It is not perfect, but I love it.

How to Choose High Quality Headphones

How to Choose High Quality Headphones


Classification of Headphones

There are many classification of headset, the most important classification are: according to shape classification (earbuds, a headset), according to the principle of sound classification (moving coil, moving iron, etc.), classified according to the degree of openness (open, semi-open and closed) , by Application (home, mobile, etc.).


Quality evaluation Terminology

Range: instrument or vocal range can achieve the highest sound and the lowest note between.

Voice: also known as one of the basic properties of timbre, sound, such as the erhu, pipa is a different tone.


Coloration: the antithesis of music naturally neutral, that is, sound infected with some programs do not have their own characteristics, such as the kind of sound in front of a jar to give a speech is typical coloration. Coloration indicates a reproduction signal more out (or reduce) some of the ingredients, this is clearly a distortion.


Distortion: Output devices cannot fully reproduce the input, resulting in a decrease or distortion signal component waveform.


Dynamic: Allows the recording ratio of the maximum information and minimum information.

Transient Response: Equipment of music burst signal following capability. Good transient response equipment should be a signal to immediately respond to a halt a stop signal, never sloppy. (Typical musical instrument: piano)


Headsets with RJ11 jacks

Plantronics Dealer and SNR: also known as the signal to noise ratio, the strength of contrast of useful components and noise signal, usually expressed in decibels. The higher the SNR equipment it produces less noise.

Air sense: to represent the open treble, or the sound field in terms of space between the acoustic musical intervals. In this case, high-frequency response extends to 15kHz-20kHz. Antonym of “gray (dull)” and “thick (thick)”.


Bass extension: refers to the lowest frequency audio equipment that can be reproduced. System used to determine when reproducing bass sound system or speakers can dive to what extent the scale. For example, low-frequency extension small subwoofer can go to 40Hz, while the subwoofer is a large dive to 16Hz.


Bright: refers to the prominent 4kHz-8kHz high frequency band, this time in the relatively strong fundamental harmonic. Bright itself is not a problem, live music concerts Jie bright sound, the problem is a sense of proportion too bright, too bright (even whistle) will be annoying.


Headphones Specifications

Impedance (Impedance): Note the difference between the resistance meaning, in direct current (DC) in the world, the object of the current obstacles role is called resistance, but in the field of alternating current (AC) in the addition to the resistance will hinder current outside, capacitors and inductors also impede the flow of current, this effect is called reactance, and our daily said impedance resistance and reactance on the vectors and. Headphone impedance units of Ω, in general, the lower impedance headphones, the higher the sensitivity, the more easy to drive, easy to speak out.


About impedance Myth: Some people think that the higher impedance headphones, sound quality is better, in fact is not true, high impedance headphones sound field and more emphasis on instrumental performance, open sound field, sound reduction is high, forceful; relatively low-impedance headphones stressed that the near-field, for viewing or small establishment vocal instrumental music, vocal fullness, strong sense of density, sound, smooth and delicate.


Sensitivity (Sensitivity): pointing headphone input sound pressure level at 1 mW earphone power can be issued (decibels of sound pressure, sound pressure the greater the larger the volume), it is generally the higher the sensitivity, the smaller the impedance, headphones the easier it out loud, the more easy to drive.


About sensitivity Myth: Some people think that the sensitivity of the headset, the more detail-rich sound, in fact, is wrong, and the details of the sensitivity of the sound has nothing to do, by definition, is the sensitivity of the loudness of sound, headphone playback music details how much depends on the sound quality headphones, high quality headphones, the sound rich details, layering is also better. Poor quality headphones, even if the sensitivity is high, the details of the sound is certainly not as low sensitivity of high-end headphones.


Frequency response (Frequency Response): frequency corresponding to the sensitivity value is the frequency response, the image is drawn into the frequency response curve of human hearing can reach the range of about 20Hz-20000Hz, currently mature headphone technology have reached such a Claim or CLICK HERE.


Misunderstandings about the frequency response: is generally believed, headphone frequency response range wider sound range can show more extensive, but not range as widely as possible, because you cannot hear those sounds, in fact, the impact on the sound quality is not very Big.

Selected headphones for many people is still not a small problem, you can also see the brand, the following brief introduction to some of the more well-known brand of headphones.


Recognized as the world’s four major headset manufacturer Beyerdynamic (beyerdynamic) (Germany), Sennheiser (Sennheiser) (Germany), AKG (AKG) (Austria) and Grado (Goethe) (United States). Other more well-known brands: Alessandro (Alice), Audio-Technica (triangle), Sony (Sony), STAX, KOSS (Gaussian), Shure (Shure), Westone (Weston), BOSE, Monster ( Monster), JVC (JVC), Creative (innovation), Logitech (Logitech), PHILIPS (Philips) and the like.


About four global headphones headset manufacturers there is a saying: Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, JVC. But I believe, Audio-Technica and JVC although technically matured, but in history and style, and still cannot be compared Grado and Beyerdynamic.