What The Heck Is “Intern, Editorial & Audio Production”?

You know, I’m glad you asked.  This is a pretty unique internship.  Dare I say, one you may not find anywhere else.  What will this intern do?  Well, let me tell you:

1.  Manage and create content for the SiriusXM intern website/blog

This very blog you’re reading could have new, original, and (hopefully) entertaining content that YOU create.  Like music?  Like entertainment?  Like comedy?  Whatever you have a passion for, I want to work with you to develop new ideas for the intern website/blog.  If siriusxminterns.com were a car, I want to hand over the keys to you (after you’ve passed driver’s ed, of course).

Preferred Skills:  Experience with a CMS (Content Management System) such as Blogger, WordPress, or equivalent. SUPERB writing skills a must.  Photography and/or Photoshop experience a plus.

2.  Assist with the production of SiriusXM intern radio show “For Credit Only”

Over the years, the interns and I have created mini-shows for the SiriusXM intern podcast, “For Credit Only.” But I’m always about improving what we’re doing here at SiriusXM, so this podcast has been expanded into a weekly, hour-long show.  The intern who is selected for this position will learn how to plan and produce a radio show.

Preferred Skills:  Prior or current college radio experience, audio editing software (Audacity, ProTools, Garageband, etc), project/group work  experience.

So there it is.  ”Intern, Editorial & Audio Production.”  Interested?  Apply HERE.

Signing off,

Ross (the Boss)

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