Office Wellness Tips with Intern Hillary

By now we are all 2-4 weeks into our summer internships. While we are having a great time learning new things and meeting new people at SiriusXM some things are changing… your waist line perhaps? Are you more tired when you get home? Have you noticed you need 3 cups of coffee throughout the day? Your pants are a little bit snug? Think about how your life has changed in the past couple of weeks. Now you spend most of your week at a desk chair! Sure you walk to the bathroom and you may get to walk around the office, but lets face it, you are sitting on your way to and from work and you are sitting all day long! Now your only exercise is to and from the Metro/Subway/Bus Station! Forget working out when you get home, you are way too tired for that.

Here are some helpful tips for staying active while at work!

1. Wear “toning” shoes for your morning commute. They will improve your posture among other things and help you feel great all day! Yes boys, you too.

2. Skip the cream and sugar in your morning coffee. One packet of sugar adds about 15 extra calories. Creamer? 30 calories. Need quick caffeine? Try a shot of espresso.

3. Think water, water, water!! It keeps you hydrated and forces you to get up and walk to the bathroom every so often. The average American drinks 400 of their calories a day!! Think about that before you reach for the koolaid.

4. Pack smaller lunches, try “light” options of your favorite foods, and skip out on the vending machine candy bars.

5. Avoid Sodas, even if they are diet. The carbonation and sodium of soda’s make you bloat and retain water!

6. Go to sleep early and EAT BREAKFAST. Do you think you are skipping out on calories by skipping? WRONG. Eating breakfast within the first 45 minutes of waking up kick starts your metabolism for the whole day, ultimately allowing you to burn more calories.

7. Try switching out your morning caffeine with the some green tea. Green tea is packed with powerful antioxidants and metabolism kick starters to get you ready for the day. Without sugar it has 0 calories! Don’t worry it has caffeine.

Try one of these great intern approved desk workout videos:

Total Body Chair Pull

Chair Stretches

Sitting Pull and Twist

15 Minute Desk Workout

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