First Week with Music Programming Intern Dana

I have been looking forward to beginning this internship ever since I received my acceptance email. The nervous feeling never hit me once! SiriusXM is one of the greatest companies in the industry today and radio is my passion; mix in my attribute to being hardworking and motivated, and I am one grateful & excited intern!

BPM/Electric Area is one of my favorite stations, so that makes my internship a lot more exciting; not to mention a very down-to-earth, helpful mentor named Austin. Austin told me on my first day that by the end of the internship, I would basically be a pro at knowing everything and anything about EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Almost 3 days into the internship, and I felt like I really was heading to that goal, FAST. Aside from working with music I love (doing aggregate spreadsheets on excel,downloading music,etc), the work environment in the NYC office is friendly, and most definitely the type of atmosphere you would want for your career.(Practically 2 days into the internship, Ron & Fez, from the Ron & Fez show, randomly invited me into their studio for a quick chat. Being on the air was unreal!).

Almost everyone I have dealt with so far, has been extremely polite; so I take comfort in knowing that even as an intern, they treat you as if you are already employed, and have been. I look forward to what this internship has in store for me this summer!


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