Riding Shotgun With NASCAR Radio Intern Austin


I am not what you would call a “cool customer” all the time.  The anticipation of a moment can trigger anxiety for me quite easily, usually bring on a feeling of immense dread.  As I woke up around 9 am on the Friday September 14th and began getting ready for my first day at SiriusXM Radio I waited for the usual wave of trepidation.  I kept expecting it to hit me.  I braced for it while I was eating breakfast or sitting watching Sportscenter waiting for the acceptable predetermined time I had set out for myself to walk to the metro station.  I made it onto the metro before it finally hit me, but it wasn’t the normal sense of, “What if I just turned around and went back to bed?”  I was filled with a more anxious excitement.  I could hardly wait to get into the building and get going.  I wasn’t even phased when my ID card wouldn’t let me swipe to the second floor (where I needed to be) didn’t blink when I first walked into the NASCAR studio.  The first day wasn’t a blur or anything cliché like that, it was informative, calming, and honestly fun.  I cut highlights from a Danica Patrick press conference, screened phone calls (maybe a bit overly enthusiastically at first but whatever), and just observed the inner workings of how a real radio show operates.  I have two weeks of work under my belt now and I already feel a bit more seasoned, I know I am far from knowing all the procedures of the business but I know I will be taught that over the remaining thirteen weeks.  Still though every Friday, Sunday, and Monday morning when I wake up for work I am filled with that same anxious excitement and that’s a feeling I could get used too.

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