Running around with Talent Relations Intern Megan


This semester I am interning in the Talent Relations department at SiriusXM Radio. The department I work for is responsible for booking the guests that come do interviews for the stations. My role as an intern is to greet the guests and escort them to the studios that are holding their interviews. Before beginning my internship, I really wasn’t familiar with anything involving radio; my previous internship was with television. I think the main thing I learned about radio in these first few weeks is how crucial time is. I have seen guests come in and have as many as 5 interviews scheduled in a 2-hour block. The tricky part is coinciding the time the guest is given to be with each radio show and the time each radio show is allotted to be in the actual studio. While there are many studios in the building, there are so many different shows that need to get studio time. I’ve seen guests come in ten minutes late for a twenty-minute interview, which throws off all of the remaining interviews and the host’s schedule. I think my favorite duty as an intern in this department is traveling around with the guests from each studio and keeping them on schedule. When a host is coming close to the end of their time slot I am sometimes the one who has to get their attention and let them know it is time to wrap it up. It’s exciting to actually be contributing to something that is going to play on air, or is live and playing on air at that very moment. Some of the things I do in this department are exactly what I expected while other things came out of left field. I assumed I would be getting coffee for people more often than not. I do fetch coffee and other beverages, but it’s actually for the talent coming in; it’s part of my job to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible. Not once was I asked to get an actual employee a cup of coffee. I also knew that I would be doing some computer work, but I figured it would be basic tasks like typing something for someone. However I actually help out Laura, in the department, who is in charge of booking guests who are authors. She gets sent tons of books at a time and my job is to get some information on the book, which is then sent out to hosts that might be interested in having the author on the show.  Once again I like how I play a part in how a show might turn out. Both Laura and my mentor, Liam, have been a huge help. On my first day I shadowed Liam most of the time because I couldn’t do too much on my own until I learned the procedures. Liam made a point of introducing to me to everyone he spoke to, which made me instantly feel comfortable and instilled his trust and expectations of me. Laura has also been a huge factor in my confidence here. She has allowed me to work freely, and because I have done so this early on in the semester I know that this weeks to come are going to be amazing and an incredible learning experience.

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