Tuning In With Doctor Radio Intern Travontae


My first couple of weeks interning at Doctor Radio have been spectacular. Being a Talk Programming intern, not only do I work in the SiriusXM offices but I also am at studio very often. I have learned so much already, from audio editing of past shows for promotions to researching relevant media topics for host to discuss on air. The best part was when I got my first on air shout out by Samantha Heller, the host of the Nutrition Show on Doctor Radio. Seeing everyone enjoy their job really encourages me to work harder and provide quality work at SiriusXM. Even though, I was not very interested in Doctor Radio at first, I love being here. My supervisor is beyond nice and she helps me develop my radio skills so that I can be more successful in my career. Plus, I’m not limited to just one show. I work around the staff of Shade 45 and Out Q Radio, so I’m always capable of learning about other shows and what they do. I am currently developing my own radio show on my university’s network and interning at SiriusXM has giving me numerous benefits that has made my show much better than I expected. After only a few weeks, I am completely comfortable with the people I’m working with. They are very kind and they create a positive work environment. I cant wait to see what else SiriusXM has to offer me!

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