Tuning In With Kids Programming Intern Courtney


As an intern you grow accustomed to getting asked the following questions: Will you reorganize this filing cabinet? Can you input this data into a spreadsheet? Will you make a fresh pot of coffee?  However, never have I been asked, “So tomorrow do you mind dressing up as a pirate…” until I started at SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live.  While only being an intern at SiriusXM just shy of a month, I have already been exposed to all the wonderful facets of children’s entertainment.  To think, prior to this internship, I never knew about “national talk like a pirate day” or hit children’s music star, Mista Cookie Jar.  Through this internship, I have helped organize live concerts where we bring in a studio audience consisting of parents and their children to enjoy the musical talent of kindie artists. I have to admit, that before this internship, I knew very little about children’s music; however, it has been incredible getting to learn about the different music styles. The staff of Kids Place Live is a huge part of what has made this internship such a great learning experience so far. Not only have they been helpful in teaching me the interworks of Dalet, the computer database used for all their programming, they are just fun people. The staff of Kids Place Live shows that you can run a successful station, while cracking jokes the whole way through the workday. My favorite aspect of the internship thus far is going on air during the Absolutely Mindy Show. This show is so much fun because you get to interact with kids throughout the program and really connect with the audience.

I am very excited to see how this internship evolves in the upcoming weeks and I look forward to learning more about what goes in to making Kids Place Live such a great station.


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