Life As A Promotional Marketing Intern With Rachel


The first time I entered headquarters was the day of my orientation. I’ve never worked in a building as big and grand as the McGraw Hill building so just walking through those doors was an overwhelming experience in itself. So much happened during my first week at SiriusXM. The highlight definitely has to be meeting Lance Bass after his radio debut. I helped my mentor with the setup and got to watch the entire segment. I also had the chance to meet a fellow intern during the segment and we’ve been keeping in touch ever since. It’s good getting to know other interns so I could learn  about the different departments that I may want to possibly intern at in the future. The next day, another celebrity had visited the NYC studios. It was up and coming DJ Danny Avila. He spun a set in the fishbowl to a crowd of excited fans. During my second week I got to pick winners for one of the current sweepstakes we were having to see Aviccii. I called winners and told them the good news and hearing them so happy just made my day knowing that I made their day. I felt like Santa Claus!

Other tasks I’ve been given during this first month were to write  compelling web copy drafts. Web copies are short descriptions of current sweepstakes that summarize the contests information in an exciting yet informative way. I’ve learned how to do this and how to create pivot tables which helps with grouping certain data. I’ve become accustomed to all the different floors of the building and am slowly getting to know where everything is – banners, greenroom, bathroom, mailroom, kitchen etc. and am starting to feel more and more comfortable. Can’t wait to see what other exciting tasks I’ll be doing in the upcoming months.

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