First Month With Latin Public Relations Department Intern Josephine


I have been interning for SiriusXM’s Latin Public Relations (PR) department for the last four weeks and have been having an amazing time. Everyone at SiriusXM is so nice and I am in awe of the diversity in the office and how well everyone works together.  Coming into the office three times a week as a senior has been slowly preparing me for the real world. Because of my time here at the office every week, I truly feel that I am slowly drifting away from being a college student and am turning into the working adult that I need to be in the next two months.

Working in the Latin PR department has enabled me to utilize skills that I have never been able to do in my profession. I have been able to create tweets in Spanish as well as interact with employees and guests by speaking Spanish.  As a child from Dominican Immigrants at past internships I felt like I could never embrace my Dominican roots and culture and basically had to “throw it under the bus” to fit in.

Apart from helping my mentor with daily PR tasks such as press releases, transcribing interviews, tweets, greeting guests and setting up photo opportunities for guests I have been able to help other PR managers with these same tasks as well. I have also, on occasion, helped out the Talk & Entertainment PR Managers.  By allowing me to help out the other managers, my mentor is giving exposure to other PR fields while I am here and I am so grateful for that.  I honestly can’t wait to see what the rest of this semester has in store for me at SiriusXM.

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