Jumping In With Ron & Fez Intern Shelby


My first month interning for SiriusXM has sure been an exciting one. Going into it, I had some ideas of what I would be doing for The Ron & Fez Show¬†on the Opie & Anthony channel but I didn’t know just how much went on behind the scenes of a popular talk show. Going on air for over an hour on my first day was a bit of a surprise to me but it was fun to be able to jump right in to the radio world, even if the callers made fun of my voice. Screening phone calls is important since callers are such an integral part of the show, but I’m really starting to get the hang of answering them as they come in rapid fire. I’ve written several pieces for the show’s website¬†and got to present them on air. Learning how to edit audio on the different types of software has helped me and I look forward to working on different production pieces as my internship progresses.

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