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Halfway Through With Music Programming Intern Andrew

Andrew E

These past two months interning here at SiriusXM have nearly gone in a blink of an eye. It’s amazing how time does fly. I first came into this internship not knowing what exactly to expect, given that I had no previous internship experience. I initially felt that the internship could be overwhelming and that my [...]

First Month With NASCAR Radio Intern Joseph


I’m working with the NASCAR Channel this semester and so far, I’ve become more familiarized with Dalet (the broadcasting software) and started learning the  soundboard in the studio. I was really excited the first day of my internship its my first real chance to be completely on my own being from Kansas away from family, [...]

Stepping Up With Sports Intern Taairq


During my first few weeks at SiriusXM, I felt extremely nervous and worried I might not do so well, but I was told this is normal and I would adjust eventually. To make a long story short, I did. As an intern at SiriusXM’s Sports Programming department, I am given a hands on experience at the work that goes on behind the [...]

Mixing It Up With Production Intern Martin


I am really enjoying my internship so far at SiriusXM Radio. I am learning a lot about the work environment, ingesting and organizing metadata, host liner tracking, and basic audio editing in Dalet. There have been a few celebrities who have stopped by since I’ve started my internship, which was pretty exciting. Two members of [...]

Out Of Left Field MLB Network Radio With Intern Luke


I’m working with MLB Network Radio this semester and so far, I’ve gotten familiarized with Dalet (the broadcasting software) and the soundboard in the MLB Network Radio studio. I was pretty nervous the first day of my internship because so much information about the soundboard was thrown at me. It was essentially a foreign language [...]

Life As A SiriusXM Direct Sales Intern


First and foremost, “get experience, not coffee,” if definitely a correct analysis. During the first month, I have gained insight from each member of the Marketing and Direct Sales team (M & DS), executed data files into Excel and Pivot, evaluated email marketing campaigns also known as “creatives,” and participated in conference calls in relation [...]

First Week With Urban Programming Malik


My first week at SiriusXM has been great. I love the atmosphere. Although we’re in an office, it doesn’t really FEEL like an office. It’s more youthful than an office.  All of the employees are very friendly and many of them are younger. The fact that SiriusXM hires their interns and that I SEE them [...]

Final Thoughts with Music Programming Intern Allie

One of the slogans for the SiriusXM internship program is, “Get experience, not coffee.” Having been here as a music programming intern for the past eleven weeks, I can attest to the truth of that statement. While any internship comes with some tasks like data entry, I have gained so much valuable experience during my [...]

Final Thoughts with Sports Programming Intern Pete

At the midway point of my internship at SiriusXM, I wrote that my time here has been more than I ever could have expected. Somehow, it only continued to get better, as I have had a learning experience unmatched by anything in my working life. For me, there were two main takeaways from my internship [...]

Final Thoughts with Music Production Intern Alex

As my internship is winding down for the next couple of days, I find myself quite sad that one of the best Summers I have had is coming to an end as well.  I had such a great experience being at SiriusXM this Summer, and have learned a plethora of things while under the supervision [...]