James Linehan, SiriusXM Intern for the Country Channel

My experience at Sirius XM has been not only educational, but eye opening as well. After learning about radio and media studies in the classroom, I have not learned what I know now until I interned at this company. With the help of Al Skop, Music Director for Country and many other employees on the floor, I have had an excellent experience being an intern. I have learned how to make hooks for featured songs on the Highway, how to research feedback using social media websites, how to create music introductions using Adobe Audition, and much more. I am very confident that my future learning experience at Sirius XM will grow even more during the rest of the semester.

Christine Kutlu, SiriusXM Promotions & Events Intern

Christine Kutlu

Interning for SiriusXM so far has been one of the best experiences of my life! Everyone here has been so nice and welcoming that I feel like I’m part of the crew. I get to make people’s day by calling them and letting them know they won tickets to see The Fray, Elton John, Mike Epps, Brad Paisley, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, or attend Town Halls where they get to ask celebrities questions and take pictures with them. The list goes on and on! One winner even made my day when he told me “you have the best job, you get to make people happy.” Not only do I get to make people happy, but it’s a great feeling when you’re actually able to get hands on experience within a prestigious and professional company that continues to grow every day.

My favorite memory so far took place when I got to help with the biggest event SiriusXM has ever had on my second day of my internship, The Howard Stern Birthday Bash hosted by Jimmy Kimmel! I couldn’t even keep track of how many celebrities I got to be amongst. But let me just say, I was face to face with John Stamos and Train, as well as saw performances by John Mayer, Adam Levine, and Steven Tyler on stage with Slash; every girl’s dream! Oh and I can’t forget to mention see my favorite comedian of all time, Jimmy Fallon! My mentor has also taught me little tricks for Microsoft Office programs, how to create sweepstakes, affidavits for the events, liners for the DJs to say on air, keep organized spreadsheets, and let me attend important meetings. Each day I get to learn something new from my amazing mentor and the other team members; and look forward to what the rest of my internship entails!

Ilana Ratner’s Spring 2014 Internship Experience with Ad Sales

Just about a month ago I walked into Sirius XM offices for my first day.  I was excited but also very nervous.  I knew interning at a large company would be different from my past experiences interning at local companies.  After orientation I felt reassured that I would come out of this experience with valuable information I could take with me wherever I end up.  So far my experience here has been awesome.  During my first week I got to attend radio row.   I saw all different radio stations and TV channels gearing up for the big Superbowl event.  We even saw a couple of players who played in the Superbowl which was even more exciting.  Almost every time I come into work I feel like I am learning something new and exciting.  So far I’ve wrote a handful of ads and promotions for various different channels.  Although no one really knows I wrote them except for my department I feel kind of special that something I wrote is on the radio.  Each and every day is a new experience that I will take with me forever.  I am glad I’ve been chosen to be an intern here at Sirius XM and I can’t wait to see what future holds.

Andrew Marshello, SiriusXM Intern for the The Michelangelo Signorile Show

Although I have only been an intern at SiriusXM for a little over a month, I have learned more in my time here than my previous two internships combined. As a talk programming intern for Progress 127’s Michelangelo Signorile Show, I have been asked to actually contribute to the show through interview preparation, audio editing, and occasionally board operation (today is actually my first day on the board). I expected a good experience at SiriusXM, but I did not expect to be treated like part of the team rather than an annoyance who only gets in the way. The show producers and host have made me feel welcomed, and that has motivated me to do the best I possibly can as an intern. When I do a good job, the positive feedback is overwhelming, and if I make a mistake, I am shown the proper way to do something without being talked down to. I hope to take on even more responsibilities during my time as an intern at SiriusXM , with the ultimate goal of being remembered as the best intern The Michelangelo Signorile Show has ever had.

Asia Nicole Facey, Intern for OutQ’s Frank Decaro Show

So far at this internship I’m starting to learn more about the other aspects of radio. When I first started I thought working the operating board was the only thing I had to worry about to get a radio show off the ground. After a month of learning I’ve realized that there is more to it than that. So far I’ve learned how to screen phone calls, make edits on adobe audition, and so much more. Even though I’m only an intern that doesn’t mean that I mustn’t take responsibility for myself and my actions.

When screening phone calls not only must I make sure I get the name and whereabouts of the person who is calling, I also have to make sure that what they are calling about is relevant to the topic currently in discussion. When the lines are quiet I also make sure I’m taking down logs. The logs are important since it’s like a diary for the show. The logs keep track of what was discussed in each segment and hour of the show. In case anything where to happen the logs can remind of what was said and what may be important for the next show.

After the show is over for the day I make sure I go over my advisor’s notes and work on the segments that were assigned to me. I work on the audio using adobe audition. At first using the program was really odd since at school the only program I’ve ever used was ProTools. After a week using the program got easier, and making the edits was more fun to do. So once I’m done with the edits I make sure that what I worked on goes into my folder and the RAW segments are put in a separate folder, that way in case there is an error that needs fixing I can revert back to the original. It’s only been a month and I have learned so much.

Taylor Brisco, SiriusXM Intern for NFL

Taylor Brisco

The first few weeks of my internship have been great.  I am interning for NFL Radio’s “Movin’ the Chains”.  Since day one, everyone has been welcoming, friendly, and helpful.  My mentor Sean Butler (Executive Producer) already has me learning how to run the sound board.  The hosts of the show, has even given me advice on work that I have done, which I am so thankful for.  So far, I have learned how to screen phone calls from listeners, log special guests that come on the show, and pull audio from interviews.  I am still learning how to use the studio programs, but am enjoying all the hands-on experience.  Nick Falco (Board Operator) has really shown me how to use the audio editing system, Adobe Audition, which I am becoming better at each day.  I am excited to continue the internship and learn more about all the programs that are used as well as getting better at running the sound board.

Gregg Allen, SiriusXM Marketing Intern


It feels like just yesterday that I filed into the huge conference room on the 37th floor with all the other wide eyed interns.  I cannot believe my internship here at SiriusXM is almost over.  This has truly been one of the best experiences of my life.  I have learned so much so far and have met some great people along the way.  As a marketing intern, I worked directly for Randy Dry who is the VP of Brand Management and Partner Marketing, Music at SiriusXM.  At first, I was so nervous and intimidated but over the course of my internship Randy made me feel extremely comfortable to be here.  But as a good mentor would do, he challenged me every time I showed up to work.  I was given tasks I had never done and had to go places I had never been before.  Having to figure things out on my own has given me more confidence in the work place.


In addition, I had a ton of exciting experiences here at SiriusXM throughout my semester.  I was one of the few who got to hand out T-shirts to the attendees of the Metallica at the Apollo Theater event in Harlem, NY.  As a bonus, I was able to watch the entire concert!  I also had the chance to see Cage The Elephant perform at The Studio at Webster Hall, and see Shaggy play some of his classic hits in the Fish Bowl during his Town Hall event.  While helping set up and manage the audience for the Town Halls held on the 36th Floor I was able to meet Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and many other entertainers!  There have been so many fun moments here at SiriusXM I wish this internship did not have to end!  I will always be grateful for all that I have done and learned while interning here.

Lenese Allen’s Fall 2013 Internship Experience with SiriusXM’s IT/Helpdesk Team


SiriusXM is a reputable radio company that provides a wide range of entertainment and products to its many customers.  This I where I am interning for the fall semester and I love it.  To see a different environment of what a professor paints in your head is a great experience.  The best part of this internship is that I am not only doing one part of IT but two, Project Management and Help Desk.  Having the opportunity to broaden your horizons and try multiple things gives you the edge over the competition.  Plus everyone is nice in welcoming me to the team and has great tips for applying to jobs and resume writing.

Abby Reutzel’s Fall 2013 Internship Experience with Music Programming

Music Programming Intern – DC Office


I’m still having such an amazing time as an intern here at Sirius XM. Every time I come into the office I learn something new and I have a really fun time. It’s great to be able to work around so many fantastic people who are so talented at what they do.


Since my last journal entry I was able to shadow Kevin who handles the production for 90s on 9, one of the channels for which I am an intern. I got to sit with him in his studio for a while and watch as he worked on production for one of his other channels. It was great seeing him work. When he was finished he proceeded to teach me a bunch of the basics for ProTools, the software he uses to edit all of the audio for the production he creates. He gave me a lot of advice and it was a wonderful learning experience.


I’ve also started working more with Audition which is another audio editing software. So far I like it a lot! It’s pretty straightforward and I feel like I’m able to get cleaner cuts with it than I was getting with Dalet. I’ve also been able to watch Ron, the programmer and my mentor, work on Prophet and that’s been cool getting to learn more of the basics of that software.


Like I said, I learn something new every day and I absolutely love it. There’s really never a dull moment as a music programming intern here.

Tenisha Sweet’s Fall 2013 Experience with Real Jazz


As I said before, I am in-love with my internship here at SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Everyday that I work, I learn a little something new surrounding the detail that goes into the production of a radio show. Who knew that music programmers had so much responsibility?! …and I really appreciate that my mentor/boss trusts me to take on a lot of that responsibility.


I am truly looking forward to my second session as a music programmer intern for Real Jazz!