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Midway Point With The Opie & Anthony Show Intern David

Nikityn, David

The second phase of the internship at SiriusXM has been more fun than the first. The staff is trusting me with more responsibilities like cutting up numerous pieces of audio, station paperwork and even searching for audio to use in station production. I have also been given some more training operating the board which is [...]

First Month With The Opie & Anthony Show Intern David

Nikityn, David

Prior to starting my internship at SiriusXM I was nervous because I had never worked in such a large city or building before. I also knew how lucky I was to land this internship on The Opie & Anthony Show because of how renowned and competitive it is. My first week was a bit intimidating [...]

First Week with Music Programming Intern Anna

My first week as a SiriusXM intern was both exciting and a bit overwhelming! I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what to do as far as some of the programs and properly loading music data but my three mentors were extremely helpful and welcoming to any questions I had. On my second day I [...]